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Background and Achievements

Ioanna Moudanioti is a performing solo pianist and a piano teacher born in Athens in 1989 and currently residing in Frankurt am Main (Germany). In 2015, she received her Master of Arts degree in Piano Performance ("cum laude", Professor Alan Weiss) from the LUCA school of arts in Leuven. Previously, she completed her Bachelor studies (Professor Charalambos Angelopoulos) at the Music Science and Art Department of the University of Macedonia of Thessaloniki (Greece).

She received the following awards in competitions: Distinction in the Hellenic piano competition 'Filonas' in Athens (2001), (performing in a chamber music duo) 1st price in Greece, 1st price in Alexandria (Egypt), and the 3rd price in Essen (Germany) at "Jugend Musiziert" (2009).

Ioanna had the opportunity to actively participate in seminars and piano master classes with Βrandt Fredriksen, Daniel Rivera, Jun Kanno, Ethel Latos, Johan Schmidt, Geoffrey J. Haydon, Miki Itoh, Diane Andersen, Reima Raijas, Frederic Rzewski, Haruhi Hata, Giorgos Thumis.

Portrait of Ioanna Moudanioti


Ioanna is giving piano solo recitals and chamber music concerts in Germany, Greece, and Belgium. She's passionate about her piano performance, enjoying the platform to express her artistic understanding and creativity. At the very same time, Ioanna believes that teaching piano plays a crucial role in the continuous, artistic self-development and -exploration, and chooses to search for individual programs and techniques to stimulate the best learning progress for her students.

While preferring works of the romantic and post-romantic period, for example of composers like L.V. Beethoven, S. Prokofiev, S. Rachmaninov, she also performs compositions of Bach and Schumann. Her particular interest is dedicated to Prokofiev's musical approach and aesthetics which she has studied in her Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis.

Ioanna's Piano Recordings

Rachmaninov Transcriptions Op 21 No 5 (Lilacs) And Op 38 No 3 (Daisies)
Rachmaninov Preludes Op. 3, No. 2 & Op. 32, No. 10
Bach, Busoni - Chaconne in D minor BWV 1004

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